Bent Brewstillery

Uber Lupin IPA

Schwarz | 8.3% ABV | 83% IBU


You have to be big and bold to survive a Minnesota winter. It's a good thing our Uber Lupin Schwarz IPA is just that. The unification of American ingenuity with German excellence creates a new-world beer style with old-world ingredients. Rich cocoa and toasted bread crumbs balance pungent, spicy, piney, and floral hops. Uber Lupin smells so good you'll want to drink it through your nose; however, Balthazar doesn't recommend it. Big ol' Balthazar is the burly man brandishing the morning star and mash paddle on our can labels. Legend has it that this blacksmith defended his entire town and brewery single-handedly against an invading horde. Big beer, big character. It's like Bent Brewstillery Owner and Head Brewstiller Bartley Blume once told local craft beer magazine, The Growler's just a big, brutal German guy that fits the big, brutal German beer? Like Balthazar, Bent Brewstillery isn't afraid to mix it up with the unknown.


Bent Brewstillery

To bring great adult beverages to the public. To bring a more diverse offering to those tired of the same old thing. To help fuel the craft movement so that adult beverages can truly be appreciated as a flavorful drink, not just a mind-numbing anesthetic. To stop guzzling and start enjoying and understanding the true qualities of beverages. To give back to the community, producing minimal waste and contributing to the greenness of our surroundings. All of our beverages adhere to the highest standards of craft, quality, and integrity. The company maintains an environment of mutual respect through honesty and integrity in our relationships with workers, customers, partners, suppliers, and the public. The company encourages employee development and provides an exciting, fun, and rewarding place to work. The idea is to make tasty brews and powerful booze with bold names and flavors while rebelling against rigid style guidelines, along with having fun and making the experience entertaining for everyone involved. Our beer is unclassifiable, and so are we.