Pryes Brewing

Raspberry Sour Ale

Sour Ale | 4.8% ABV | -% IBU


Inspired by fresh Raspberries, our Raspberry Sour is full of tart, ripe and fruity flavors. The Beer opens with big fruit and tannin flavors from raspberries. Passion fruit flavors fill out the middle, a bridge between the tart and sour. It ends with a crisp tart finish. A beer that continually evolves over your experience.

Tasting Notes: Tart and fruity with a subtle puckering sensation.

“This lovely, fruity, easy-drinking kettle sour was just what I wanted the other night“ - Jess Fleming, Pioneer Press


Pryes Brewing

Pryes Brewing is an a gem of a taproom to those that know it. Known mainly for their signature IPA, Miraculum - which is offered in both regular and on nitro in taproom - fans know that Pryes Brewing has much more to offer. The taproom has a Zagat-rated kitchen by Red Wagon Pizza, a riverside patio, as well as a feather bowling lane. But more than this, Pryes' focus on small-batch beers has produced a number of quality brews that have flown under the radar - namely their Imperial Pumpkin Ale and award-winning Barleywine. Despite critical acclaim and recognition, Pryes holds true to their small-batch focused approach. Other than Miraculum, their other taproom brews are only identified by style, something they intend to maintain until the beer is worthy of trademarking in their eyes.