Pryes Barleywine

Pryes Barleywine

Pryes Brewing

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Quantity: 3 left | 9.0% ABV | - IBU

'Best of Craft Beer Awards 2018' - Gold Medalist

The perfect gift for the Beer Connoisseur in your life is a Bottle of Pryes Barleywine. 

When you open the hand dipped bottle, your nose will be greeted with a soft, sweet, malty aroma. With your first sips, you’ll notice the flavor evolving in your mouth. The drink begins with a warm, sweet caramel. Then, a roasty malty body emerges before finishing with a bit of heat, and dryness on the palate. 

The full flavor of the Barleywine comes from the blend of Malts. No artificial adjuncts or sugars were added. Proudly made with Proximity Malt. 

Sip on the Pryes Barleywine like a fine brandy, or serve it to your guests with desert. Pair it with Vanilla Ice Cream, Caramel Glazes or Raspberry Cheesecake. Best served slightly chilled, not cold, to open up the aromas.