Northbound Smokehouse

Jimbo DIPA

Double IPA | 11.7% ABV | 100% IBU


Several years back we were talking about our flagship IPA, the Big Jim. One of us mentioned how it would be great to do a Double IPA version of the Big Jim. Paying attention to the flavor profile and most importantly, the balance of malt and hops. We didn't want a lopsided IBU bomb that grates the enamel from your teeth. Something that stays true to what make the Big Jim so popular. With very little regard for cost, we created the Jimbo: Double Big Jim. This hits all the points we set out for in the balance between the malt, hops and that high ABV alcohol that DIPAs need.


Northbound Smokehouse

Northbound came on the scene 2012 after crowd funding their way into production. The model worked and the brewery is now a proud winner of a Silver Medal in the World Beer Cup, one of the most prestigious beer competitions in the world. Unlike many other breweries in the Twin Cities, Northbound Smokehouse is truly a brew pub with a restaurant and full bar. Their Smokehouse Porter epitomizes Northbound Smokehouse, a great brewery with fantastic BBQ and a large whiskey selection- capturing the essence of smokey, grilled foods and pairing well crafted brews.

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