Gose Sour Ale

Gose Sour Ale

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Gose Sour Ale | 4.4% ABV | 20 IBU

Salivation Is Bliss Tart and fruity wheat ale with lingering coriander and sea salt characters. It’s very refreshing, with bright flavors that compliment the sour kick you get with each sip.

- Brewer

“Sour beer” is a broad category of beer encompassing numerous styles. Some sours are the sour you would expect, that lactic pucker, but other are enjoyably tart and crisp. That is where the Gose falls; a tart and crisp beer traditionally from Germany. This gose is tart like lime and spicy like coriander, with further developed citrus notes from the high percentage of wheat used. The backbone is light to allow the tartness to dominate, but just strong enough to provide a wheat bread like finish.