Barleywine is Life
Barleywine is Life
Barleywine is Life

Barleywine is Life


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Barleywine 2-Pack | Freehouse & Northbound

Barleywine, despite its name, is beer. Specifically a style of strong ale that is similar to wine in alcohol content and that many examples can be cellared for years.

Highly prized by beer nerds, and certainly the beer style with most memes to its name, the daunting ABV% and intense flavors of Barleywine are nonetheless, not for everyone. But for those who enjoy these high-gravity ales, Beer Critic 'DontDrinkBeer' says it best,

"By contrast, all other beer styles are tame, restrained, less than life, and amount to mere existence." 

No.22 Barleywine, Freehouse | 12.8% ABV | 42 IBU | 750 ml  
Ruby colored ale; rich toffee, toasted aroma; caramel, toffee flavor with notes of raisin and a touch of molasses; smooth, creamy mouthfeel, medium-full bodied; gentle carbonation; aged for 286 days in third-use wooden barrels.
Silver Medalist, 2017 Great American Beer Festival.
Block Heater, Northbound | 11.1% ABV | 85 IBU | 750 ml

When making a proper barley wine, it’s all about the right amount of residual sugar to create beautiful sweetness. This makes this an easy to drink beer that doesn’t seem like it’s 85 IBU or has over 11% ABV. In other words, be careful because this beer can sneak up on you. You have flavors of dark caramel, toffee, light coffee, dark fruit and a dash of citrus and pine on the finish.