Hope & King Scotch Ale

Hope & King Scotch Ale

Town Hall Brewery

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Scottish Ale | 6.0% ABV | 24 IBU

Scotch Ales generally contain very few hops, so they do not tend to be bitter beers. The cool climates that call Scotland home are not conducive to growing hops so these beers have always tended to be "malt-centric". Although there are tales of great smokiness in Scottish beers, the style itself has strayed some time ago from what may have been true in early times when barley was dried over peat fires. Technological growth and control in the malting process has all but eliminated peat smoke character in Scottish brewing. Aside from a few historic examples of beer, peat smoke is reserved for some regions of whiskey production in Scotland.

Hope & King Scotch Ale has been recognized nationally on three separate occasions with Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals from the Great American Beer Festival in Denver Co.

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Hops don’t grow in Scotland. In the early days of brewing with hops, the English imposed a high tariff on hops exported to Scotland. The feisty Scotts responded by using fewer hops. Thus, economics drove the development of the traditional Scottish ales. These beers feature rich caramel malt with just the slightest hint of roast in the background.

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