City Glow Amber Ale

City Glow Amber Ale

Town Hall Brewery

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Amber Ale | 5.7% ABV

American Amber Ale ales tend to be toasty with pronounced caramel malt sweetness left in the finish. City Glow is an untraditional, non-filtered wheat based amber ale that brings in a splendid earthy citrus that offers balance to roasted caramel malts used to make it. Rather than strong finishing sweetness offered by many ambers, City Glow is pleasantly delicate in citrus, caramel with a mildly sweet floral aroma and finish.

The choice was made to serve City Glow in a glass we normally reserve for beers brewed with allot of hops. the design of this glass tends to enhance the beauty of aroma that the hops offer. We chose to use our "IPA" glass because certain practices in the brewing of this beer created sweet citrus and bright floral aromatic notes.....we wanted to highlight those aromas and feel this glass will achieve this.

Aroma: Biscuit and caramels, spicy, floral-earthy and a hint of lemon citrus.
Flavor: Biscuit and bread maltiness, slight lemon, spice and earthiness

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