Flip Switch IPA

Flip Switch IPA

Tin Whiskers Brewing

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American IPA | 6.2% ABV | 63.9 IBU

An American IPA with deep citrus and grapefruit aroma, malty backbone and a relaxed bitterness. 

A flip switch is a mechanism actuating the transition between open and closed states of an electrical circuit. Probably the most common example is a light switch. You know that intense bright light you get when you flip on a good old fashioned light bulb? The kind that almost blinds you until your eyes have a second to adjust? Well the bold hop flavor you experience in the first sip of a Flip Switch is kind of like that, without the blindness of course.

- Brewer

Great peppery, grapefruit and resiny aromas from the hops… dark caramel flavors contrast the bitter hop flavors… slightly sweet but bitterness lingers… the classic west coast IPA

- Cicerone