No. 2 IPA

No. 2 IPA

The Freehouse

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India Pale Ale | 6.3% ABV | 55 IBU 

Copper-colored ale, high hop flavor/aroma and bitterness (fruity, floral and citrus), medium malt sweetness to balance, crisp medium body

- Brewer

IPAs are all about hops.  Their aroma is a whirlwind of myrcene, humulene, caryophyllene, farnesene, and other essential oils which contribute the citrusy, piney, fruity, woodsy or spicy hop characters.   Depending on when hops are added to the boil those oils exhibit similar flavors to the beer.  This IPA from Free House exhibits citrus and floral aromas which transfers into the flavor.  There is some malty backbone support and strong lingering bitterness.

- Cicerone