West Bank Pale Ale

West Bank Pale Ale

Town Hall Brewery

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American Pale Ale | 4.8% ABV 

Town Hall Brewery originally brewed West Bank as an English-style Bitter. This beer style is the original session beer; low in alcohol to allow pub patrons extended socializing sessions and a safe passage home. As Mpls consumers' palates began to desire different things for their "socializing" sessions, the West Bank evolved into an American Pale Ale with a British heritage. This Pale Ale offers a great deal of flavor in a small package. Brewed in session style from its inception, West Bank gives you a place to go for American hoppy/flavorful enjoyment without the high alcohol content.

- Brewer

The pale ale is less aggressive version of the IPA, the bitterness is restrained to highlight hoppy flavors and more subtle malt character. This Pale Ale screams of pepper and citrus hop flavors and aromas. There is a light cracker like maltiness to provide the beer with structure. The bitterness is still present however not to the extent of an IPA.