IPA Combo A

IPA Combo A


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Classic MN Pale Ales / IPAs | Northbound, Town Hall, 56 Brewing & Fair State

"One in four craft beers sold is an IPA" 

Big Jim IPA , Northbound | 7.2% ABV | 92 IBU | 750 ml  
Cascade, Mt. Hood and an enormous amount of Columbus hops added late in the brew fermenter, give this beer the hop punch IPA lovers crave. There is also a significant malt backbone and complexity to this beer to stand up to the hop intensity. 
Masala Mama IPA, Town Hall | 6.3% ABV | - IBU | 750 ml
A form of this IPA has been brewed since Town Hall opened in 1997. It began as Town Hall's best selling beer and still holds that title. Influenced by the American IPAs brewed in California, Washington, and Colorado in the early days of craft beer. Therefor this version tends to have more balance between malt sweetness and hop bitterness, compared to modern West Coast IPA's.
Super Dorado Gold Brett IPA, Fair State | 5% ABV | 28 IBU | 750 ml

Brewed exclusively with El Dorado hops, this dry-hopped IPA is fermented with a combination of Saccharomyces Trois and Brettanomyces. Fruity, funky, and hoppy. Super Dorado Gold - Brett IPA, and hoppy.

Polonaise APA, 56 Brewing | 5.4% ABV | 38 IBU | 750 ml

This is an easy drinking American pale ale. It has a dark golden color and pleasant citrus aroma. The flavor starts off with a caramel sweetness and finishes with tones of grapefruit which lingers after each sip. It is a favorite among the staff.