Another Siberia
Another Siberia
Another Siberia
Another Siberia
Another Siberia

Another Siberia


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St. Paul 4 Pack | BlackStack, Tin Whiskers, Lake Monster, & Great Waters

Since 1886, the Saint Paul Winter Carnival continues to bring family-friendly events and community pride to Saint Paul and the Twin Cities metro area. The Saint Paul Winter Carnival is the oldest winter festival in the United States. Several Eastern newspaper correspondents kindled the start of the Winter Carnival by visiting Saint Paul in the fall of 1885 and returning home to report that Minnesota, in general, was another Siberia, unfit for human habitation.

"Minnesota, in general, was another Siberia, unfit for human habitation." 

A group of business owners decided to retaliate by creating a wintertime festival which would showcase all the beauty of Minnesota winters. Today the Saint Paul Winter Carnival attracts over 250,000 visitors a year. Cheers to beautiful St. Paul. 

Ratify! Witbier, BlackStack | 4.8% ABV | - IBU | 750 ml
Simple, light and refreshing… sweetness from wheat contrasts with clove and coriander spiciness but spicy yeast character still dominates...
Wheatstone Bridge American Style Wheat, Tin Whiskers | 5.4% ABV | 12.7 IBU | 750 ml
A crisp and refreshing American style wheat beer with distinct flavors of honey and chamomile tea
Last Fathom Dark Lager, Lake Monster | 5.5% ABV | 23 IBU | 64 Oz.

A classic Munich-style dark lager with a Minnesota twist. Toasty, bread-crust malt flavor leads the way, joined by the warm, nutty tones of wild rice. Secondary touches of caramel and light chocolate add subtle intrigue. Hop bitterness is low and accompanied by low, spicy flavors of continental hop varieties. 

Brown Trout Brown Ale, Great Waters | 5% ABV | 28 IBU | 750 ml

Slightly full bodied rich brown ale. Caramel chocolate maltiness in this satisfying dark ale is a year round favorite.