Irish Breakfast (6 Person Party Pack)

Irish Breakfast (6 Person Party Pack)


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| Planning a party ?  Why not make this year extra special with the Running Tap Holidays Party Pack? |

Don't compromise quality for price - get 17 pints of Minnesota's finest craft for less than $3 a pint!

Just $49.99 - you get 17 pints of Minnesota’s finest craft to your office party!

Don’t compromise - 5 fresh craft brews from 5 local breweries!

Conveniently delivered - direct to you!

Be the party hero - drink better and support your local breweries this holiday season.

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Beers include:

  1. Schottky Pumpkin, Tin Whiskers - 64oz.
  2. Masala Mama, Town Hall - 64oz.
  3. Pils, Fairstate - 750ml
  4. Apricot Pale Ale, Inbound - 750ml
  5. Nordic Winter Porter, Broken Clock - 750ml [SOLD OUT!] *temporary replacement: 2Brew Coffee Kolsch, Broken Clock


  • 17 pints
  • Less than $3 a pint
  • Taste 5 beers from 5 breweries


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