Fair State

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Pils | 4.9% ABV | 40 IBU

99 Points on RateBeer

RateBeer's Top 50 Best Pilsener in the world 2017 

A German-style pilsner, dry and crisp with a grassy hop aroma from a large kettle addition of Hallertau Mittelfrüh. One hop, one malt, lager yeast. Simple and delicious.

German-style pilsner. Dry with a grassy hop aroma

- Brewer

Pilsners come in one of two forms. First the German Pilsner which is a straw colored, bitter forward, brilliantly clear lager. In contrast the Czech Pilsner is slightly darker, slightly sweeter and more complex, and considered more hoppy than bitter. Although those beers may sound quite different Pilsners are so well balanced that there is often a blurry line when these beers are compared. Like a German Pilsner this Pils is noticeably bitter. However like a Czech a Pilsner this Pils is a golden color and noticeably sweet as well. The hops used creates a brilliant fresh grassy and slightly floral bouquet. All together this is a brilliantly well rounded Pilsner taking the best characteristics of the Czech and German Pilsner.

- Cicerone