Phase Shift 02: Barrel-Aged Porter

Phase Shift 02: Barrel-Aged Porter

Tin Whiskers Brewing

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Barrel-Aged Porter | 7.5% ABV | - IBU

When Phase Shift 02 // Isanti Spirits Rye Whiskey Barrel Aged Porter was first released it sold out in 3hrs. While it is #2 by name, it was technically Derek Brown's first barrel-aged beer as head brewer. 

"Our Barrel Shifter oak-aged porter, further aged in Isanti Rye Whiskey Barrels for 12 months. " - Brewer

Local distillery Isanti's rye whiskey barrels add hints of vanilla spice and caramel flavors, harmonizing with existing vanilla and cherry notes. As Phase Shift 02 turns two this year, we wish it lots of happiness and fun, and hope it sticks around a little longer this time around.

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Rye whiskey barrels increase the complex flavors of this porter and it is delicious. Not only do I think it was awesome, my cats love it, too… smelling it, I don’t let my cats drink beer. Bonus points for the whiskey barrels coming from local distiller, Isanti.