King Boreas Cream Ale

King Boreas Cream Ale

Tin Whiskers Brewing

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Cream Ale | 5.5% ABV | - IBU

A brew fit for a king, because it was made specifically for one! Our new Winter Carnival-exclusive cream ale was brewed with King Boreas and his team, this Saint Paul Winter Carnival–exclusive cream ale is the perfect fuel for fighting off Vulcans and celebrating Minnesota’s best season

Tin Whiskers
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For the thirsty, we have year-round beers, seasonal offerings, and prototype small batch recipes always available in the taproom. Whether our beers are a creation of our brewing masterminds or a collaboration with others in the industry, we promise to always have something on tap you will love whether it’s for a pint or a whole flight of our brews.
In 1885 a few East Coast reporters called Saint Paul - 'another Siberia, unfit for human habitation'. A bunch of locals created the Saint Paul Winter Carnival in retaliation, attracting over 250,000 visitors annually. This year's Super Bowl brought an estimated one million visitors to the Cities. Tin Whiskers brews this exclusively King Boreas and the Carnival. It tastes like... Victory.