Matterhorn Adventure

February 10, 2018

Codename: Matterhorn | $120.00

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Your Recommendations

Nordic Night

Broken Clock Brewing

Porter 6.3% ABV

Chocolate and spice aroma with strong dark chocolate and toffee flavors intermingled with spices, including nutmeg, allspice, ginger, and cinnamon. 

Brewing by committee

A brewery owned by the community, where members are able to vote on what beer styles are brewed and what should be made available. Broken Clock’s focus is on the community and its members who share the brewers passion for brewing fun and unique styles. 


The Woods: Oak Aged Unrated IPA #1

612 Brew

IPA 6.9% ABV

A wood-aged IPA is something that not a lot of people do, and for good reason. A lot of times, hoppy beers – especially if they’re dry-hopped, or a lot of late hop additions – they can get really oxidized and stale, but we sort of designed [Unrated’s recipe] around the idea that we were going to age it on wood. We took our existing rye IPA recipe, [and] tweaked it a little bit to sort of compliment the oak-aging.

A wood-aged IPA is something that not a lot of people do...




Double Chocolate Raspberry Stout 8.7% ABV

The 3rd and last in our Snow Series is the most anticipated beer we brew. We use toasted coca nibs to give a deep rich chocolate character and aroma along with premium Belgian chocolate and whole raspberries (never extract). The result is a decadent beer that is approachable to the beer novice and complex enough for the beer aficionado. 

Winner Silver Medal 2014 World Beer Cup.


Black Barrel Gold

Town Hall Brewery

Bourbon Barrel-aged Strong Belgian 9.1% ABV

Bourbon Barrel-aged Strong Belgian Gold with fruit: This special beer was created by a unique method of reverse engineering from a classic KY bourbon cocktail that uses blackberry and lemon. The goal was to capture those three main flavors in a beer and allow them to age to a fine balance. We began with a strong Belgian Blonde as the rich foundation that still offered a blank canvas for our desired flavors. The introduction of blackberries worked well with the base, the barrel added our desired character and a finish with fresh lemons enhanced all the flavors to a bright and powerful point. 

Bright lemon/citrus with tart blackberry, Belgian yeast esters, and bourbon.


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