Editorial: I'm not a beer drinker

Malt, water, hops & yeast

Beer making at its core is a fairly straight-forward affair: roast some half-sprouted grains, put them in a tank of hot water with hops (a flavorful preservative), add yeast and let it ferment for a couple of weeks.

Malt, water, hops & yeast. Drink.

Beer should be simple


There's a lot of beer

Of course, it’s hardly that simple. There are over 100 recognized beer styles, and they cover a wide range of regions, cultures, and traditions. And while THAT certainly sounds daunting, the differences between styles are far from the complicated, crazy beer wizardry that some aficionados make it out to be. 

Take the IPA, for instance: load up on the hops, and you have an IPA. Roast your malts till they turn dark, and you’re on your way to a stout. Change the yeast to make a sour beer. Add fruit before you start fermenting, and - you guessed it! - fruit beer.

There’s a lot of space to explore and interpret in beer crafting, and, indeed, every brewer leaves their own unique imprint on the beer world with each new brew they create, whether it be a wild and experimental one-time release, or the small improvement of a crowd favorite. Craft brewers, in particular, have consistently been the most keen to experiment and reinvent their beers. And luckily for us, Minnesota is enjoying a historic surge in its local craft beer movement!

Minnesota Craft Beer

In 2011, the state passed the “Surly Bill”, a landmark piece of legislation that allowed breweries to sell pints directly to customers on their premises. In the 5 years since, the number of breweries in Minnesota has almost tripled, ballooning to over 120 breweries in the short time.

With so many breweries practically within stone’s throw (or pint-throw) of each other, the quality and sheer range of choices for beer have never been better in the Twin Cities. Going to the taproom, for many locals, has become an event on its own: the taprooms are fantastically well decorated, and partner with a rotation of food trucks to keep their customers well-fed as well as well-beered. And most importantly, at the taproom, you can enjoy the beer at its absolute freshest.

2016 Minnesota Craft Beer Statistics according to the Brewers Association

Spoiler: I’m not a beer drinker.

If you’re new to the beer scene in Minnesota, now is a great time to start! It isn’t an exaggeration to say that the U.S is now the absolute best place to be for any level of beer drinker. For practically every style of beer, there is some wonderful craft brewery near you who is making it; from champagne-like sours, to barbecue-smoke porters, to honey-sweet kolsch and wine-like saisons. Find a style that suits your taste. Take some friends to the taprooms and sample around, you just might be pleasantly surprised by the range of flavors to be discovered out there. Most importantly, there’s no right way to appreciate beer; you certainly don’t have to be crazy about IPAs to say you enjoy craft beer.

Of course, not everyone can easily get to a taproom: many of the best ones may be out of reach, or you just happen to live in a far-flung neighborhood that has yet to open its first brewery. That’s where Running Tap comes to the rescue!

Taproom fresh

We’ve partnered with some of the best craft breweries across the state to bring their beers directly from the taproom to your home or office. We want you to be able to try out that brewery waaaay on the other side of town, and get their beer taproom-fresh. No more hour-long car rides, and no more settling for canned, mass produced beer.

Come join us for a pint. After all, beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy ;)

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